My Mugs


These mugs I have made are perfect for a giggle in the staff room!
Or a reminder that you are indeed RESILIENT AF!
Get one…or even two and go wild on instagram:-)

I ship the mugs at the end of each week

Stroke ME

This is our little inside joke.
Anyone who has done my Manage Your Mood course will want one of these!

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£12.00 FREE Shipping UK Only

Resilient AF

Use this mug is a daily reminder that you can do hard things,and take care of yourself. And look CoolAF while doing it:-)

If you post it on instagram use the hashtag

£12.00 FREE Shipping UK Only

Both Mugs Stroke ME and Resilient AF

Why not go wild and get the pair? Treat yourself for the special price of £24.00 FREE Shipping UK only

YOU are responsible for any international taxes at your destination.
Please see the bottom of this page for shipping to Ireland, Europe and USA


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