Salon Workshops

So far in my programme I have developed two workshops for you to enjoy. I would highly recommend taking them in order as I believe this will enhance your learning experience. They are like building blocks; the first sets a great foundation for the second.

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Workshop #1

Manage your mood…

Raise the vibe in your salon

This workshop is suitable for the whole salon from assistants, bosses, to front of house. It is also ideal for freelancers, it can be a lonely business and that can really take a toll on your mood and confidence.

How to feel better?

Who doesn’t want that?

the resilient hairdresser workshop

 I believe managing your own mood is the first step to resilience. If you can master this it will serve you well for life. It’s the foundation to build all other techniques and skills on which is why I’m teaching it first. If you don’t feel good everything can feel hard work.

 Building self esteem around your work is important for hairdressers as we take criticism of our work so personally. This along with what life likes to throw at us takes its toll and we must have strategies in place to endure the highs and lows. We must find some balance in our mood and outlook. After all, another aspect of salon life is that we are expected to always be smiling. This can be tough sometimes.

In this workshop we will work on raising awareness of things/people  that bring us down or bring us joy.

You will learn to harness and seek out the good to manage your mood.

Next we will relate this to the salon environment so you can discover what lifts you up and brings you down at work. You will learn how to look after yourself and the affect your behaviour can have on those around you. You will also learn as a team how to create a positive culture in your salon.


2.5 hours approx

Up to 12 people, for more there will be an additional charge per head of £35

Timings will increase slightly with increasing numbers

Zoom Versions of this workshop can be booked, please mention this in your enquiry.

This course was brilliant. I’ve been hairdressing a long time, experiencing the highs and lows, but I could never have envisaged that all the emotional and mental aspects of  salon life could be broken down and simplified in such a practical way.

Hayley oozes warmth and humour and without a doubt I was totally convinced she knew her stuff. I was completely engaged. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and cannot wait to do the next one.


Workshop #2

Set yourself up for success…

How to communicate with clients you find difficult

This is the workshop that deals with the problems we all face daily; dealing with people. It’s the in’s and out’s of all that stuff!

This workshop is focused ultimately on learning to communicate effectively to make your work life easier. However it is about so much more than that and is delivered in a humorous package…

well I think it is!

choices written on black board with arrows

You will learn how we as humans make decisions and react to other people.

Understanding this will give you insight into how to make better decisions and react effectively in the moment and under pressure. We can’t change other people, we can only change our reaction to them……but we can have a better understanding of WHY people /clients/staff  behave how they do sometimes, which WILL make us feel better.

You will learn what kind of hairdresser you are and where your interpersonal strengths and weaknesses lie. So you will know what to play up and what you can work on. We will work on how to deal with the more difficult clients in our lives, and how to build a clientele that we enjoy spending our days with.

You will learn real strategies for dealing with difficult clients,  have more understanding of why people are tricky sometimes, which will actually make you feel less stressed when it happens.

Who doesn’t want to know this stuff?

Again, this is  for the whole team but I would only invite assistants who are near to qualifying, as I think the information here is not yet relevant to their salon life. 

Freelancers, this will be brilliant for you!  I think it’s harder to keep your boundaries without a receptionist making your appointments and burnout can come quicker.


3.5 hours approx

Up to 12 people, for more there will be an additional charge per head of £35

Timings will increase slightly with increasing numbers

Zoom Versions of this workshop can be booked, please mention this in your enquiry.

Hayley was so easy to connect with and instantly put my team at ease so they were able to be receptive, open and honest in order to apply her ideas. I would highly recommend her course and am looking forward to having more of a resilient and positive team.

Salon Owner

I am busy developing more workshops for you to enjoy, so keep your eyes peeled!