Hello, welcome to the Resilient Hairdresser.

Are you a hairdresser?
Feeling anxious, burnt out, stressed?
Feeling overwhelmed by the daily pressures of the salon or working for yourself? 

Are you a salon owner watching your staff struggle and don’t know how to help them? Stressed about the impact this is having on your business.

Or are you a freelancer who is feeling overwhelmed doing it all yourself…trying to please everybody?

I have worked as both a hairdresser and a psychotherapist and so I understand the unique stresses of the industry and I know how to help. 

I have developed a number of ways to help you.

I do 1:1 coaching. This is for anyone from the hair and beauty industry, from assistants to salon owners to freelancers.

I have two workshops I have developed to deliver to salon teams.

I have a membership program.

   And finally I have several online courses you can access immediately.

Who doesn’t want to be less stressed?

I look forward to hearing from you,

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My Podcast

Coffee isn’t Lunch

Welcome to Coffee Isn’t Lunch, the weekly podcast for ambitious hair and beauty professionals alike by your hosts Hayley Jepson and Maddi Cook. Hayley, aka The Resilient Hairdresser, is a former hairdresser and psychotherapist and now coach and educator…

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