Hello, welcome to the Resilient Hairdresser.

Are you a hairdresser?
Feeling anxious, burnt out, stressed?
Feeling overwhelmed by the daily pressures of the salon? 

Or are you a salon owner watching your staff struggle and don’t know how to help them? Stressed about the impact this is having on your business.

I have worked as both a hairdresser and a psychotherapist and so I understand the unique stresses of the industry and know how to help. 

I do 1:1 coaching and have developed workshops that can be delivered in your salons that can be delivered virtually. For the freelancers I do regular single ticket events of all my education.  

These workshops are for everyone, whether you are self employed, working in a salon, at the beginning of your career or more experienced.

Who doesn’t want to be less stressed?

I look forward to hearing from you,

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